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Part-timeUnder 10K RMB per monthZhuHai, ZhongShan, ZhengZhou, ZheJiang, ZhanJiang, Yunnan, Yiwu, Xuzhou, XinJiang, Xiamen, TianJin, WuHan, WuXi, Xi'An, TaiWan, SuZhou, SiChuan, ShaoXing, ShenYang, ShanXi
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Job description

Alibaba has an innovative project, hoping to find some beauty professionals who are currently studying in China. They need to have a certain ability to shoot and edit videos. They have certain specialties related to beauty, such as makeup, color testing, and sharing of good things.


1. Can speak Chinese 2. Ability to make videos independently 3. Willing to share and have partner awareness

Required Languages


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Position type

Video / Film / Producer


Entry level

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