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Job Description 1. Regular small classes, providing customized courses, responsible for improving students' English skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing. 2. Providing English training by online learning, video micro-courses, small salon courses, Situational Exercise and case studies, etc. 3. Check and review guidelines, signs, menus, printed materials, website publicity etc. 4. Participate in the external publicity work of international promotion through online channels, including but not limited to: WeChat, Weibo, ins, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 5. Provide translation services for important conferences and client reception. 6. Other tasks assigned by superiors.


Position Requirements 1. Bachelor Degree or above, native speaker of English. 2. High level of English proficiency, good oral English communication skills, standard English pronunciation, fluent expression; 3. Having deep love for the English teaching, teaching experience is preferred, have good training style. 4. Strong learning capacity, willing to share and accept new ideas. 5. Physical health, provide the health certificate issued by the hospital for physical examination, no criminal record in China or other countries.

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English Teaching


Mid-Senior level

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