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1. Shoot animated English story-based videos (Teach through music, performance and body movements) for kids aged from 3-12 years old; 2. Participate in promotional and marketing activities organized by the company; 3. Record audio for English learning materials 4. Working hours are flexible; around 8 hours per week 5. Located next to Futong subway station, not far from Wangjing Soho


1. Must have acting experience (theatre, TV, college courses, etc.) 2. Demo of acting ability. Details about the demo will be sent for you to complete after you have submitted your application. If demo performance is exceptional, no prior acting experience is required 3. Warm, kind, attractive, and cheerful 4. Good at acting for small children (facial expressions, TPR, intonation, passion) 5. Over 1 year teaching experience (preferably children) with a teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, TKT, etc.) 6. Must be reliable and committed to finishing projects on time 7. Those with singing and dancing experience are preferred 8. Must be able to commit to working long term (8-12 months or longer) 9. Must have an American or Canadian English accent

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Acting / Model / Voice


Senior Executive

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