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As for expats/foreigners who want to seek for job opportunity in China, this question always occupies their minds-"What are Popular Jobs for Foreigners in China?""Can I successfully find a suitable and well-paid job in China?"Let us find out.

China's Job Market

First, this article would like to kill one doubt of many foreigners that many of them concern they cannot find a job in China. Let us be clear now. China, the second-largest economy in the world, is a fascinating place to work and live with its deep traditional culture roots, rapidly growing economy and low cost of living, attracting millions of expats to relocate in China. As same as the growing economy, China’s job market is also steadily growing for years. Millions of expats have relocated their jobs in China, why can't you?

What are Popular Jobs for Foreigners in China?

1、English Teacher

Without a doubt, English Teacher is the most popular /most common job for foreigners in China. Since many Chinese parents hope their children speak perfect English to increase their competitiveness in future career, English education becomes more and more important in school, language institutes and so on , which also increases the hiring need for Foreign English Teacher.

Native English speakers own great advantage for this career with a reason that China government has published more strict regulation on Foreign English Teacher in China. In first-tier cities of China (Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Shenzhen), only the native speakers can meet one of the requirements (native speaker+bachelor degree+2 years of working experience) of being Foreign English Teacher. While in some small cities, non-native speakers still own the chance to become English Teachers.

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Marketing is also a popular job option in China. Now more and more Chinese companies (normally are foreign trading companies) have plans to open oversea markets to boost their business. So here comes many hiring need for expats who are familiar with the foreign culture and international marketing strategies.

How to be qualified for this kind of job? We can find out the answer from most job requirements of marketing hiring information. The candidates should be familiar with Google analytics  to track social media traffic; own strong communication skills and writing skill; a good time-manager and so on.

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3、Game Localization

China owns a biggest gaming industry in the world which generates millions revenues for both local and foreign companies. With this prosperous development of Chinese game industry, lots of game localization jobs opportunities become available in Chinese job market at the same time.

The goal of game localization is to provide an enjoyable, non-confusing play experience for the game players by localizing the games to specific cultural context. And here are some basic requirements for game localization. First obviously you should be good command of the two languages (Chinese-target language) ;have passion for gaming; great language and organizational skills and so on.

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Editor/Copywriter has its relation to the marketing job mentioned above and normally this kind of job is to help the job of marketing department. Marketing strategies needs the help of advertising articles which increase hiring need for editor/copywriter to write attractive articles to boost the sales of products.

So let us find out how to be qualified for editor/copywriter. As a general rule, most Chinese employers would like to hire some bilingual talents who can speak Chinese and the language of target market. While there are still some recruiters like to recruit some totally native speakers of target market who cannot speak Chinese also can get this job. Second, recruiters like candidates can have some writing-related work experience; excellent written and creative.

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Sales also has its occupation in Top 5 popular jobs for foreigners in China. As already has been mentioned before, Chinese companies have their ambition to open oversea market which creates the need for professional sales to achieve this goal.

So what kind of candidates Chinese recruiters want to hire? Some clues have been found from the job requirements of the hiring parties. The experienced and motivated Sales always is the popular candidates for Chinese hr. While if you gain no experience on sales before, these qualities also will improve your hiring chance-ambitious, persistent and patient to develop and maintain customers of target market.

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Of course there are lots of other popular jobs like translator, model have not been mentioned. In a word, if you really make up your mind to work in China, be brave and take this chance to build up your career in China, start here to find more chances

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