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Being an English teacher is the most common career choice for lots of expats especially the native speakers who land jobs in China. Although millions of expats come to China each year, the need for foreign English teacher in China's job market has never been satisfied and until now there is still a huge market for English teachers in China. So How is the English Teaching Job in China? Is it really easy and can be handled by anyone?

English Teaching job vacancies in China

First, let us figure out why there are always a lot of English teaching job vacancies in China. As you can see, English teaching jobs are available at all kinds of schools from kindergarten to university. Now parents pay more attention to English education which makes it play a big role in the study of Chinese students. Parents strongly believe that students with bilingual skill can help them gain international perspective and do good for their future careers.

The Requirements for English Teachers in China

Now let us talk about the requirements for English teachers in China. Is it really that easy to get this job? In the past, the answer may be yes, but now it is not that easy to be an English teacher in China with more strict requirements for English teachers especially for some first-tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Those big cities in China require English teachers should be native speaker with bachelor degree and two years of working experience. If you get the teaching qualification in your country or get the TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate, you can work as a foreign teacher without 2 years of working experience. So now it is hard for non-native speakers to find English teaching job in China while some small cities in China still will hire non-native speakers with TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate as an English teacher.

How does it Feel to be an English Teacher in China?

If you successfully pass the interview, the hiring party will provide Work Visa; attractive salary between 10K-30K RMB (depends on different cities and teaching experience); free flights, free housing, bonuses, airport pickup and so on. While you must be clear that different cities and different kinds of school and language institute will provide you different packages.

While you should be prepared for facing all challenges you may meet in your new teaching jobs.

Facing a Silent Classroom

In China's class, you will meet totally different Chinese students who are shy, quiet and do not like to make mistakes. So you may be shocked to find these Silent classrooms are very common in China. And here is a suggestion from experienced teacher that you should create a relaxed atmosphere in class to let students be relax and gain courage to speak and make mistakes to learn English. One can always learn from mistake.

Teaching Large Class Sizes

If you are an English teacher of high school/university, you may need to teach large class sizes, then you will face the challenge of keeping all students engage in class. Yes there will be some active students always answer your question but how to let other quiet students also learn and practice their oral English. How about play some games in class for example-Role Playing games. You can ask all students to divide into small groups and play different roles and must speak lines.

Teaching in China can be the most impactful, positive experiences of your life although it comes with different challenges. Why not have a try and face the challenge to be a English teacher in China and here are some good chances for you!

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