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With the increasing number of foreigners coming to China to work and start their own business, the management of foreigners' work permit is becoming stricter. Under the new work permit policy, which came into effect on April 1, 2017, foreigners' work visa applications are more complicatedthan before, with all applicants required to provide authentication of non-criminal record and diploma authentication.

In the complex and lengthy process of preparing a visa, many foreigners are not familiar with the process of obtaining a non-criminal record authentication, leading to delays in applying for a work visa and even losing their ideal job.

Targeting at these problems related to non-criminal record authentication, we made in this article. Hoping to help more foreign talents start their career in China smoothly.

What is Non-criminal record authentication?

Non-criminal authentication is one of the important application conditions when you employer help their foreign employees to apply for work visa, which requires the relevant government departments of their home country to provide, so as to prove that the foreign talents in their home country have no criminal facts established official proof materials.

Non-criminal authentication process

The application and certification process of no criminal record can be summarized into three parts: original document, notarization and certification. Due to the different responsibilities of the agencies and departments set up in each country, there will be some differences in the name of the time and place for handling the case. Foreigners or employers should know about it in advance before starting to do it.

Original proof of no criminal record: usually it should be issued by a police officer or Background check agency where a foreign applicant has nationality or habitual residence. For example, an American can apply for an FBI Background clearance online.

Notarization and certification: notarized by local Notary Public or authorized department in the host country, then transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country for certification. Finally, the notarized document and the certification document given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are taken to the Chinese consulate for certification.

Samples of Proof of non-criminal record and the Authentication


1. Can I only apply for consular certification from Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, but not from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the certification institute of the host country?


First of all, Chinese embassies and consulates are usually only able to confirm the seal and signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the certification authority in the host country.

Secondly, Chinese embassies and consulates stationed abroad generally do not have the seal and signature of notarization or commercial document issuing agency in the country of residence for filing, which makes it impossible to verify the authenticity of documents. Therefore, the relevant documents should first be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or certification institutes in the host country, and then by Chinese embassies and consulates stationed abroad.

2. How long is the validity period of authentication of non-criminal record? How to calculate that?

Proof of a non-criminal record is valid for six months and is calculated from the date of issuance, not the date of certification.

For example, the candidate's proof of no criminal record was issued on February 1, and the certification was completed on March 1. So the document expires on August 1, not September 1.

How long does the authentication of non-criminal record take?

It usually takes 1-1.5 months, or even longer, for a foreigner to prepare the original copy of the crime free document to be certified by the Chinese embassy in the host country. Usually people have other things in their certification, they don't go through the whole process without a break.

It is a waste of time for candidates who are not in their home country. Returning home will consume a lot of time and money on the way back and forth. If you are not familiar with the procedures and specific locations, you may also miss the processing time, which will hinder you from getting a work visa.

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